You Hate your Boss and Want to Start a Business

Before quitting because you loathe working for your boss or working for anyone period, changing your perspective of working for someone can be beneficial for the business you plan to start. Have a game plan of what can help you succeed in your business endeavors. Choose to work in an industry you would like to do business in. If it requires academic talent such as technical skills, marketing, accounting, etc., take courses to bring you up to speed. Nowadays there are many options with online courses and certifications. You no longer need a 4-year degree to get your foot in the door. Work for someone or a company you admire and want to emulate. Learn how they do things, learn how managers operate, study their management styles, their leadership. Learn what they do to get business walking through the door. How do they formulate marketing campaigns. What do they do when revenue and cashflow dries up. How do managers and team leaders motivate their team to go above and beyond. As a business person, you will encounter all these obstacles and more. Turn your job into a college education of hard knocks. Working for other people may be a bad experience only when you don’t realize the potential it can give you in return. You will have good leaders and bad ones. Learn from the bad ones as well. Learn what not to do and why while being on the other side of the aisle.

I now have my own business and I regret not working more frequently for other talented people. The bosses I did work for, which at the time I dreaded, have been the most influential in how I execute in my business. I did not realize at the time that I was going to be using their tactics and leadership skills to execute in my business. I only realized once I was in their shoes. With the right frame of mind, it is precious information. Your end game is to be in business for yourself and so this way your killing two birds with one stone – making money you can put towards your future business and learning the ropes in a real world scenario. If you can, work for free if it allows you to get closer to the person that makes the decisions. You can study how they operate. Studying and picking the mind of the decision-maker in a successful company would be an invaluable education experience. You can’t get this type of education at a university and by the time you start your own business it’ll be too late.

Author: Luis Fernandez

Luis Fernandez is a businessperson in the hotel and software industry. When not glued to a screen, he listens attentively to his 4 years old's imagination.

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