Are These Neighborhood Safe?

Like most things it depends. In what it does it depend it depends on how you manage situations and how you address people. Some what of what you can call how street smart are you. In this I mean you treat everyone with equal level of respect without forfeiting your fortitude. There is however an advantage to being a landlord. In many of these neighborhoods there is a very weak economy such that many many people and especially the youth I looking for however they can earn money. And as a landlord they understand that there’s always work to be done especially manual labor. So if anything you’re somewhat of a Beacon of Hope for the time So if anything you’re seen as somewhat of a Beacon of financial stimulus Hope. You will get request for work whether it be sweeping floors or demolishing a wall they’re there ready for the fear. Initially their work ethic is impressive. You and ask yourself why aren’t these guys working in a normal job. But after a few days you see the wear on them with less stamina all brought down due to the addiction to drugs and soon get the picture of why they’re on the streets and not working a full-time job. One of the first things I realized being in landlord in a low-income neighborhood where there is a concentration of crime due to drug addiction and crime Carries a weight of respect. One of the first things residence message neighborhoods think is that you’re rich. And it isn’t that you got rich by being like you’re playing the lottery it’s that you got rich by being a Savvy businessman. Whether that be true or not it aids in receiving a sense of respect. Being alone also signifies that you’re not a pastor p to be taken advantage of. Tell one that is real walking on the wrong side of town. They know he’ll be there today and most likely tomorrow and will be able to describe faces and names to the police. Another aspect of the fear of being in a bad neighborhood is that there’s much bloat of it in the media and word-of-mouth. My wife and I along with our two year old daughter lived in one of our duplexes second floor for nearly 3 months . Often times you would come late near midnight hours with no sense of fear or sensitive insecurities. This is not to say that you should leave your guard down and be aware of your surroundings how are it never came to the point where we were attacked or feared for our lives or felt endangered in a way. As long as you keep to yourself keep confidence in what you do and say treat everyone with equal a respect and go about your business there should be no problem even when you’re conducting business such as collecting rent or posting pay or quit signs on doors or evicting tenants or showing rental properties Etc. Never get in disputes with tenants that elevate into a heated argument. You will get in on two arguments with tenants with collecting late payment or property damages but never let it escalated to a point of insults or disrespectful comments. It’s always important to keep business ethics at play. So are these neighborhoods dangerous they can be but that depends a lot on you and how you go about your business and how you interact with everyone. In many ways you are in control of the situation.