$10,000 to Start a Business?

Recently a question was asked “Which business can I start with $10,000? I don’t want to invest please.” I asked my self that same question 11 years ago when I had about that much. After a bit research I could not find anything worthwhile. What I came up with is a combination of learning or improving a skill to can render services to mid-size businesses. Use those $10k to live off while you acquire this new skill set. I recommend you dedicate your self day and night to acquire such skill since those $10k will go faster than you expect. Make sure you will like what you’ll be doing since you’ll spend a lot of time doing just that whether it be software development, accounting (these two skill are two of the most sought after skill/services), etc. If you have no prior experience in the new skill set your aiming for, then try to picture what of personality you have. Are you an extrovert and like numbers, then accounting might be for you. Do you like to be challenged puzzle like tasks and are fascinated on learning how “things” work, then try software development. Your best bang for the buck would be to enroll into a community college. They have an array of courses ranging from cosmetology to web design including business and marketing courses to help grow your business once you get your skill set in place.