Need Motivation? Think Again ..

Motivation, for me, serves as a catalyst to get things rolling, to take that initial leap into the challenging unknown. I’m usually very excited and motivated to take on a new challenge whether it be a new business endeavor or learn a new skill that may take months or if not year to acquire. After the motion is set in place and the daily grind is felt, the motivation withers away. The only thing that gets me through the challenge is a conscious thought- a repetitive voice in my head stating “You gotta get through this. There’s no other way. Stopping would be utter failure. What’s wrong with you get moving get busy, now!! Stop thinking and start doing. Forget what you don’t like! You’ll get nowhere focusing on these negative thoughts!” It sounds schizophrenic but it works like having horse blinders that help steer your focus looking forward towards your goal. There will be many days, the majority of them actually, where I want nothing to do with the objective I’m trying to accomplish. What I do is chip at it day by day. Some days will be very productive and some days I’ll be dragging my feet with very little things getting done even though I may spend hours on it. If I work at it every day, then eventually success is reached. You will eventually get to your destination. The outcome is usually more than worth it and it will add considerable value to your life. Keep in mind that if it were easy it probably would not be valuable. Motivation is not the main ingredient to success. It is a conscious decision to complete your objectives or goals. It is a conscious decision to do and continue doing every day until it gets done.